Water preparation

Water is one of the key components for the kvass production and that influences a lot on the final product quality. That is why a lot of attention is paid to the stage of water preparation, which is - cleaning with coarse and fine filters. At the first stage, water is being released from possible foreign particles; at the second stage - purification at the molecular level occurs. 


Kvass "Arseniivskyi" is made on the basis of natural ingredients:

  • - ferment
  • - yeast
  • - rye-wheat breadcrumbs 
Compound Ingredients

The prepared ingredients are automatically fed into the fermentation system, designed exclusively for the production of live kvass Arseniivskyi . At the next stage the rye-wheat breadcrumbs are placed in the container. The added ingredients are thoroughly mixed and fermentation of kvass occurs within 15-20 hours. The finished drink is cooled at a temperature of 10°C and infused for at least 8 hours to saturate the taste and precipitation of yeast.



We can get the special Arsenyevskyi kvass taste thanks to the kvass blending process including various types of kvass wort.


The finished blend is supplied to the bottling line, where the bottles are being filled with a ready-to-drink beverage, and bottle capping and labelling is being held.

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